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If you have sailed long apon the cyber-seas, then by now you've seen a lot of Northen Heritage webpages full of information about our people, our Gods, our Faith and our Religion. If not, please take the links below and visit some of the amazing sites of our good friends...Oh, but before you ship oars and point your Dragon -Prowed -Mouse back to sea, you might want to stop by and check out our webpages. You see, here in these pages, since so many of our folk have done so much hard work covering everything about our Northern Heritage that you can imagine, instead of duplicating their efforts we decided to cover some of the other things that make our folk what they are. And maybe even put a bit of a smile on that grim visage of a viking that most people have. Remember that a Viking with a full belly and a joke upon his lips is a happy Viking...of course a full horn of mead doesn't hurt none either.

We'd also like to let those who live in the Montana area, who are interested in Asatru or our Northen Heritage, to know that we are here. So if you have questions, suggestions, recipes, information to share or just want to chat, pull up a bench by the hearth and email us at

Wolfgar Freehold

Deliah's Kitchen
Basic Mead Recipe
Spæ Craft
Starting a Heathen group
Land Spirits

Billings Gazette
Job Services
Montana Online


Gluckliche Reise


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