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Heilsa All,

The Summer Solstice Gathering was held in our backyard, with about 20 Pagans in attendance. We had the pleasure of meeting new Pagans here in Billings, and renewing old acquaintances. I believe the highlight of the event was the fashion show put on by Nina. She was sporting this year's chain mail halter top made by a local SCA/Pagan artist ;-) Once again it was a potluck occasion and the food was wonderful.

As some may already know, we (Wolfgar Freehold) have been working with a Druid here in Billings to help set-up a Grove. At the previous gatherings, the Celts/Druids have been great about honoring the sacredness of our Norse/Germanic rituals, so this Summer Solstice we wanted to honor them. Amy (the newest member of Wolfgar Freehold) put together a Sacred Play which was a re-enactment of the Holly King and the Oak King. I am happy to report that one died ;-) Happy Summer Solstice to All!!!

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