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Help Save Our Literary Heritage

We of Wolfgar Freehold are proud to instigate a campaign to save and have returned to print some of the classic source material of our Germanic literary heritage. This campaign will consist of letter writing and signature gathering. It is an attempt to gain the awareness of publishers to the needs and desires of our people not to see these works vanish into the oblivion of obscurity.

Below you will find the draft of a letter that we intend to dispatch to publishers. Therein you will find a listing of some of the collected works that we are trying to have returned to open print. We urge everyone to add their voice to this vital undertaking by simply adding your name to the list below and urging others to do the same.

Please feel free to make as many copies of this letter as need be, or write one of your own. Get as many family, friends, kinsmen and others to sign it as possible. Remember that people do not need to be Asatru to appreciate the need to save ancient wisdom.

It is our hope that by making publishers aware of the fact that there is still an interest among the general public in these works that they will make the effort to republish them. Similar efforts have returned other classical works to the bookshelves of our people. However, for this to take place we must make the first effort. Publishers will not undertake the huge outlay costs of republishing any work that they feel simply will not sell do to a lack of interest. It is up to us to show them that in this case this is far from true.

We fully realize, and have made personal use of, the fact that some of these texts are available for free on-line. We will always hold a great deal of gratitude for those who have made the heroic efforts of transcribing these Master Works and making them available for others. However, there will always be those of us who yet appreciate the "feel" and convenience of the printed word. There shall also remain those who chose not to, or are unable to gain access to the Net and who yet desire these works. Thus it is for the benefit of all that these works be made available through general book merchants.

Please Note: All names and addresses submitted on behalf of this petition shall remain confidential and will be solely for this use. They will not be redistributed or used for any other purposes.


We, on behalf of the undersigned, would like to draw to your attention the growing desire of the public to see the below listed collected works returned to open publication.

Saxo Grammaticus (books I-IX), translated by Oliver Elton B.A. for the Norroena Society in 1905. Published by the Norroena Society
Teutonic Mythology (Vol. I-III), 1887 by Viktor Rydberg, translated by Rasmus B. Anderson Ph D. Published by the Norroena Society in 1905
Flatey Book, last published in 1908 by the Norroena Society.
Teutonic Mythology, by Jacob Grimm (Vol. I-IV) translated by James Steven Stallybrass. Last published by Dover in 1966.
The Well and the Tree, buy Paul C. Bauschatz. Last Published (copyright 1982) Univerty of Massachusetts Press, ISBN 0-87023-352-1.

We feel that these texts represent a wellspring of classical cultural knowledge and understanding that should not be allowed to slip into obscurity. These works contain compiled source material that is vital not only to the dedicated scholar of hereditary literary studies, but to the growing numbers of the interested public as well. We feel that these works are as important and vital today to as they were at their time of initial publication. Perhaps, in some cases, even more so. However, at the same time, these works have become nearly impossible for the general public to obtain.

We fully understand and appreciate the often times overwhelming costs of reprinting selected old and out of date books. However it is our hope that by showing you, through the number of collected signatures below, that there is indeed a great deal of sincere interest in these works alive today. We hope that you will take this into account when you consider the possible profitability of reproducing these works in such a manner as that they may once again be made available to the general public.

We thank you for the time and consideration that you have shown in reading this and truly hope that you take this under full consideration.

Sincerely yours,

If you would like to join with us in our letter writing campaign, please follow the link below. Be aware though, your real name is needed. We will not post the names anywhere other than on a snail-mail petition to several publishing houses. Also, other than a counter for this webpage, you will not see other names posted.

Sign your name to the Petition

Wulf of Raven Kindred, thank you for helping us to get this together.

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