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Heilsa All,

Wolfgar Freehold members met with the newly forming Celtic Clan for the second in a series of comparative basic Pagan belief classes and to celebrate the Ostara Spring Equinox. Hall Stevens was filled to capacity as all gathered to enjoy what may well become a new annual event... The Great Pizza Cook Off.

Ok, not a very traditional dish, but it sure was a lot of fun! With good natured war-cries of "You’re going down!" resounding through the Hall, the Pizzas and our three impartial judges gathered for the competition. The rivalry was fierce and the gastronomical delights arraigned gave the judges a sure test of their finely honed skills.

In the end it was Shauna who emerged victorious and was awarded the much coveted Royal Pizza Cutter and full bragging rights for the next year for her unique BLT Pizza.

Congratulations Shauna!

Then the rest of us, the true winners of this competition, got our chance to dig in and enjoy this wonderful feast. Our thanks to all the Master Chefs! (I vote we skip the traditional foods and do this at every gathering!) Well done All!

Hardboiled eggs and markers were then passed out to those gathered. Each choosing and inscribing apon the egg a Rune and/or symbols for that which they hope to achieve or come into their lives. The eggs were then gathered and placed within the circle to be charged by the group. Each person focusing apon their goals.

Afterwards, a libation of cranberry melomel was shared among the group before all dispersed to return to their homes and plant the shells of their eggs. In planting the shells they were each planting the seeds of what they hoped to harvest by the end of the year. We hope each reaps a most bountiful harvest in the year to come.

Our thanks to the master of Hall Stevens for hosting a most enjoyable Ostara Gathering.

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