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News and Events for Wolfgar Freehold

Wolfgar Freehold holds regular monthly meetings / classes and holidays for **members, associates and honorary members. The members and associates will be meeting on:
Aug. 11th
Sept. 8th
Oct. 13th
Nov. 10th
Dec 8th
The meetings are from 7-9pm at the Freehold homestead.

**Members are welcome to any and all gatherings (holidays, closed classes and guild) and have FULL voting rights. An associate is a person who has asked for membership within the Freehold. We have a 9 month waiting period in which the associate has members statis, except for voting rights.


Membership Information

Wolfgar Freehold has opened it's membership to followers of the Asatru/The Northern Path who live in Montana.  As this is a "Real World" membership it means that you must meet in person with the Gothi (priest) or the Gythia (priestess) on or before the yearly Folk Moot.

Honorary Membership means the right to attend all holiday celebrations at the Freehold homestead.

To attend the yearly Folk Moot

To participate in an online group discussion regarding our path.

Yearly dues go towards the Folk Moot and are required:

Single - $15.00
Families - $30.00

Also new at Wolfgar Freehold, our Online Traditional Northern Heritage classes.

There has been many request from Wolfgar Freehold to explain our path.  We have put together a series of online classes and welcome all pagans.

These classes are free and cover:

  • FAQ regarding Asatru or the Northern Path.
  • Gods and Goddess - You will learn about the Gods and Goddess of the Northern Europeans. Odin the Shaman, Freya- Goddess of Eldercraft, Frigga - Goddess of Hearth and Home
  • Our Cosmolgy - Two part lesson on how we believe the world came to be, and how it will end.

  • Runes - how to read and use them

  • Mead-making - You will be given hands-on instructions on how to make the sacred drink - Mead

  • Valkyries, Elves, Landvættir and dwarfs - How they relate to the Northern European cosmology and how they influences us on a magickal level.


    For more information contact:
    Grauwolf and Lasaan.

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