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Equipment Needed:
1 Capful Bleach
Cooking Thermometer
4 qrt or better Enameled Cooking Pot
1 gal Container
3 ft Plastic Tubing
Plastic Wrap
Large Plastic Spoon or Ladle for stirring
Plastic Funnel
Measuring Cup

3-4 Cups Raw Honey
12 Cups Water
1 Pkt Bread Yeast
Suggested Alternate/Additional Ingredients:
1 Pkt Brewer’s Yeast (Lalvin K1-V116) in place of Bread Yeast
1 tsp. Yeast Energizer
1 tsp. Yeast Nutrient

STERILIZE EVERYTHING that will come in contact with your brew. Add one capful of bleach to hot soapy water and wash well. Rinse with hot water until there is NO chlorine cmell.

HEAT 12 cups water in cooking pot to 150 Degrees and remove from heat.

ADD 3 - 4 cups of honey. Stir until fully dissolved (If using Yeast Energizer and Nutrient, add them at this time.) and then reheat to 150. DO NOT BOIL!

REMOVE from heat and let cool to 130 - 120.

OXYGENATE with large plastic spoon. Stir it till your arms are ready to fall off and then keep stirring some more.

COOL to 109 -104. Add yeast packet, wait 15 minutes for yeast to dissolve, then stir SLIGHTLY to fully disperse and suspend the yeast in the mix. (Congratulations you’ve now made "Must")

Let this cool to room temperature, then pour into a 1 gallon container ("Fermentation Container"). Place Plastic Wrap over the opening and secure it in place TIGHTLY with rubber-bands. (This is your Air-Lock. It will let the gasses escape without letting outside air in to spoil your Mead.)

STORE at 60 - 80 Degrees, Away from Sunlight, for 2 Weeks to 2 Months. DO NOT move or shake contents and NEVER REMOVE Plastic Wrap.

RACKING - After fermentation is complete (No bubbles in the liquid) and mixture has cleared, use a plastic tubing to siphon mead into a 2nd fermentation container - being very careful to leave ALL of the sediment behind. Leave the sediment as an offering for Loki. (At this point your mead is drinkable, but it will still be a bit cloudy and taste rather raspy.) Seal the 2nd container with Plastic Wrap and rubber-bands and store this for another three months.

RACK mead into storage bottles - old, STERILIZED wine bottles work nicely. Adding 1 cup of Vodka per gallon of mead will ensure that all of the yeast is dead and help prevent any exploding bottles.

You should now have a very drinkable Dry Mead. As with any wine, the taste will improve with age. If you can, try setting a bottle aside for another 6 months to a year and see how much the flavor has improved. ENJOY! ;-)

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