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Walpurgisnacht Gathering - April 30 2000 C.E.

Wolfgar Freehold held a cookout/ Blót on Sunday, 4/30, in honor of the time of fertility in the northern lands. Walpurgisnacht brought together Shauna, Amy and Ben, and Freehold members Kelly and hosts Grauwolf and Lasaan WebFrau.

Things started out w/ Grauwolf and Kelly preparing for the Blót by forming the "circle" in which the ceremony would take place. Wood was used to form othila when closed for the ceremony. Then torch sites were placed, to act as beacons for each quadrant.

Social hour began shortly thereafter. All attending socialized for a couple of hours before the (wonderful) food was brought out for cooking. Following the meal, the Blót for Freyja's time of year was held. At this time, Ben had to leave due to work.

All participated in some way during the ceremony. The dwellers of Asgardh were invoked, as were the spirits of the land and Thor's protection. Then the circle was closed, and the ceremony took place within the confines of Othila. Included in the ceremony was a candle/knot/rune working.

As the last toast of the boast round, Lasaan WebFrau formally invited both Shauna and Amy to become Members of Wolfgar Freehold, asking them to understand the choice they would make, and to think about it until their final answer was to be made at New moon.

Following the Blót, more discussion took place, this time more focused on the Northern ways and ideas for classes in future Freehold meetings and gatherings. Things were wrapped up about 10 pm, with the reminder of the next meeting on 5/6.
Submitted by Kelly

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