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From the High Seat


ASATRU! What It IS and What It IS NOT!

ASATRU, as it was ORIGINALLY founded here in Vinland BY and FOR the people of Northern European descent, IS the living, ethnic, ancestral faith of those people.

ASATRU IS based apon the pre-Xítian beliefs in the Gods, Goddesses and Spirits of our FOLK.

ASATRU was established to provide for the Spiritual Needs of our Folk. Before its founding, there was no such thing as ASATRU - for the general faith of our people did not need a name.

ASATRU is NOT a New-Age, White-Light, Politically-Correct Organization.

ASATRU is NOT open to people of any and/or all ethnic/ancestral heritage, nor does it incorporate the Gods or beliefs of other peoples. We encourage these others to look to reclaiming their own folkish beliefs.

ASATRU IS a family oriented faith. It is NOT open to people of all sexual orientations.

ASATRU is NOT a White Supremacist group. We do take a great deal of PRIDE in our heritage, ancestry and the accomplishments of our Folk. Both in the past and in the future.

This IS ASATRU as it was ORIGINALLY founded. This IS ASATRU as it is practiced here in Vinland today. If you DO NOT LIKE these definitions of ASATRU or disagree with what they say, THEN DO NOT CALL YOURSELF ASATRU! Either you are what you say you are, and you live it, or you AINíT! Itís as simple as that. To do otherwise is to live a LIE.

Recently there has arisen a number of Johnny-Come-Lately groups who have taken the name ASATRU, for whatever twisted personal reasons, as their own. There is little or no difference in their doing so then someone who says, "Hhmmmm, Holy Roman Catholic Church. Gee, I like the way that sounds! I think weíll use that name for our group! Ofcourse we wonít follow any of THEIR beliefs, standards or practices. And weíll take every opportunity we can get to slander THEM. What the heck, itís a free world. Itís not like they have a copyright on the name or anything. So we can do whatever we like!"

These people have NO HONOR, and certainly very little creativity. They would rather live a LIE then face the FACTS. No matter how often or how loudly you repeat a LIE the FACTS will never change. Even the Xítains and Clinton are starting to find that out!

To distance and differentiate ourselves from these people a number of my Kinsmen, and until recently myself included, have taken to calling ourselves "FOLKISH" ASATRU. This I shall no longer do, and I call on all of my KINSMEN to do likewise. For I have found that to do so only gives justification to the existence of this LIE! To do this, places the dishonor of this LIE apon myself and my Kinsmen. THIS I SHALL NOT DO!

If we are to reclaim our heritage, beliefs and the symbols of our faith back from those who would desecrate and distort them, then surely we should start with reclaiming our own name! WE ARE ASATRU! The Gods alone can guess at what "they" are.

Does this all bare the stench of long over whipped dead horse flesh? Perhaps. However, with the over abundance of dis-information generated by the Anti-Folk that inundates this media these days. I feel that it behooves all of us TRUE ASA-FOLK to make a strong and prominent stand. Then when others of our Folk come looking for US there will be NO DOUBT in their minds as to WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE STAND FOR!

For those of you, my Kinsmen, who believe that, "If we ignore them, eventually theyíll all just go away." Iíll leave you with this thought. -- If you ignore a fly, it doesnít go away. It just breeds more flies! -- And we all KNOW where flies come from!


Wolfgar Freehold