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In times past the "High Seat" was that place of honor set above and apart from the rest of the seats in the hall where the folk would gather. It was usually reserved for the head of the household, the clan leader or other dignitary of distinction. From this place he would regale and bedazzle his Kinsmen (and any poor unfortunate wanderer who was foolish enough to happened to stop in) with his astounding wisdom and insight. Being the long winded vocal type that I am, I have decided to re-instigate this old tradition within these pages. Make no mistake, the opinions that are expressed here in are MINE ALONE! They in no way reflect the opinions or views of family, friends, Kinsmen, affiliated organizations or even family pets. If, by some happy circumstance, our opinions should coincide then it would only go to prove the old adage that GREAT MINDS DO THINK ALIKE!

If you do not care for the opinions expressed here in, then you have at least three options available to you. One; you can leave. And unlike the wanderer of old, you donít have to worry about catching any sharp implements in the back as you head out the door. Two; you can E-MAIL me Grauwolf. I DO NOT guarantee that I will answer all letters, but I will read them. Three; you can go get your own damn soap box!

Asatru 101

Wolfgar Freehold